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Griya Persada Convention Hotel & Resort was thoughtfully designed to ensure every moment you treasure, leave the unforgettable memory in mind. Our great services and facilities will support all of your activities, whether it’s your family vacation, business or social events. It is our pleasure to help you and your loved one to enjoy your precious time to the fullest.

Griya Persada Convention Hotel & Resort was deliberately established to give a new way of doing your business with ultimate relaxation of true nature and luxurious comfort. We provide well-integrated facilities for business and more than adequate amenities to complete your blissfulness stay.

Located 25 miles from Yogyakarta downtown, giving you a tranquil and relaxing stay. Present the peaceful tropical landscape across the hills of Kaliurang Highland from around 900 meters above the sea level. While The Mighty Mount Merapi scenery in the north simply increasing the exotic views that surround the resort.

Make your family vacation and business trip a complete experience brimming with pleasure with us.

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YogyakartaDaerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (bahasa Jawa: Dhaérah Istiméwa Ngayogyakarta) adalah Daerah Istimewa setingkat provinsi di Indonesia yang merupakan peleburan Negara Kesultanan Yogyakarta dan Negara Kadipaten Paku Alaman. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta terletak di bagian selatan Pulau Jawa, dan berbatasan dengan Provinsi Jawa Tengah dan Samudera Hindia. Daerah Istimewa yang memiliki luas 3.185,80 km2 ini terdiri atas satu kotamadya, dan empat kabupaten, yang terbagi lagi menjadi 78 kecamatan, dan 438

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