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Hotel Gallery Prawirotaman 

Hotel Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel Yogyakarta , We are glad to be No. 10 out of 202 hotels, and No. 1 among 4 stars hotel in Jogjakarta, based on Tripadvisor reviews. Thanks to our beloved guests.

Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel welcomes you for your cultural and adventure journey in Jogjakarta, from the heart of its arts & cultural center, world renowned Prawirotaman Area. Gallery Prawirotaman combines luxurios facilities, genuine Jogjakarta’s hospitality, and modern – dutch colonial architecture, to become your perfect sanctuary to pamper yourself and explore Jogjakarta.Facilities :

  • Each of the 94 rooms offers your comfort,
  • good rest,
  • and glorious view of Mt. Merapi in the North,
  • Thousand Mountain ridge in the South,
  • or tranquil scenery of our pools,
  • that can be seen from its private balcony.

The hotel offers Jogjakarta’s arts and culture for your five senses with it’s own and local artist arts & music collection, culinary, spa & massage, and classes for you to engage with the local culture.

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YogyakartaDaerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (bahasa Jawa: Dhaérah Istiméwa Ngayogyakarta) adalah Daerah Istimewa setingkat provinsi di Indonesia yang merupakan peleburan Negara Kesultanan Yogyakarta dan Negara Kadipaten Paku Alaman. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta terletak di bagian selatan Pulau Jawa, dan berbatasan dengan Provinsi Jawa Tengah dan Samudera Hindia. Daerah Istimewa yang memiliki luas 3.185,80 km2 ini terdiri atas satu kotamadya, dan empat kabupaten, yang terbagi lagi menjadi 78 kecamatan, dan 438

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