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Gaia Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta

Gaia Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta.

When you are away from home, you pass the travel stress to us. We get it, because we are travelers ourselves. We make sure things work as they should: simple check-in and check-out, comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities, fresh coffee, delicious meal options, international plugs, all the way down to separately packed toothbrush and toothpaste. We have them all thought out. Simple, thoughtful and smart – that’s how we work.

We hope to make you feel always comfortable and at ease in the hotel’s relaxed, airy, and urban ambience, from the first moment you enter. Being in Yogyakarta, the cultural and artistic heartland of Indonesia, means we had no shortage of creative inspiration.  From the public areas to each of the  179 rooms, each space is a modern and bespoke interpretation of classic Javanese arts and signature local architecture. We love it when guests notice and echo back to us about our design difference.

If you are a coffee lover, you won’t be better elsewhere. We roast, grind and pack our own coffee –  even the coffee in the room. We are very serious when it comes to coffee, because we think coffee is an essential. Our Inspira Roasters cafe is open 24/7.  So is our restaurant, Semeja Asian Kitchen, so we make sure anyone hungry always has something to eat even in the oddest hour of the day. Semeja Asian Kitchen serves classic staples from Indonesia and around Asia. There is always the swimming pool and the deck to keep you cool and chill, or to enjoy some quiet moments by yourself.

Oh! Feel free to use our staff bikes to explore the city. It’s definitely a must-do during your stay with us.

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YogyakartaDaerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (bahasa Jawa: Dhaérah Istiméwa Ngayogyakarta) adalah Daerah Istimewa setingkat provinsi di Indonesia yang merupakan peleburan Negara Kesultanan Yogyakarta dan Negara Kadipaten Paku Alaman. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta terletak di bagian selatan Pulau Jawa, dan berbatasan dengan Provinsi Jawa Tengah dan Samudera Hindia. Daerah Istimewa yang memiliki luas 3.185,80 km2 ini terdiri atas satu kotamadya, dan empat kabupaten, yang terbagi lagi menjadi 78 kecamatan, dan 438

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